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Issue 02 - June 2022

Issue 02 - June 2022

Issue 02 - June 2022

Issue 02 - July 2022

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Newsletter by

Mauritius Research and Innovation Council

Issue 02 - July 2022

Message of
Dr Kaviraj Sharma Sukon

Chairperson of MRIC

"Everyone can innovate - Everyone should innovate"

We are happy to note that MRIC has successfully taken innovation to the doorsteps of everybody through the National Innovation Challenge that was aired on the national television over several months. I was pleasantly surprised to see people of all age groups eagerly sharing their views about the innovative products and services that the participants had prepared with a lot of care. The important message that we have been able to disseminate through our activities and projects is that everyone can innovate. With the limited natural resources, every citizen of the Republic of Mauritius must contribute to maintain our country competitive. 


Dr K S Sukon,

Chairperson of MRIC


Prof. Theesan Bahorun, G.O.S.K.

Executive Director of MRIC


Welcome to our online newsletter.

The MRIC continues its journey to sustain research, development and innovation. The national and international activities highlighted in this second e-newsletter are a testimony of the efforts and motivation made on all fronts, including grass root initiatives popularized with the National Innovation Challenge exercise and also paving the way to define the new agenda for research and innovation through the organization of the “Assises de la Recherche et de l’Innovation” in both Mauritius and Rodrigues with the background of wide national and international consultations. 


World Intellectual
Property Day 


National Innovation Challenge (NIC)


National Innovation Campaign - Inove Moris

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Orbital Disintegration




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Responding to National Priorities through Special Call for Applications (SCA)


Comptoir des PAPAM (Plantes à Parfums Aromatique et Médicinal)



Editorial Team

Dr Vickram Bissonauth
Mrs Havina Mungun-Jhurry
Dr Roubeena Jeetah-Rampadaruth

Ms Chitra Ruhee
Ms Hanaa Keenoo
Ms Toshni Koobloll

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