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Orbital disintegration of MIR-SAT 1

East Coast of Madagascar.png

Captured in December 2021

Coast of Madagascar


Captured in September 2021

Mauritian EEZ

The first Mauritian Satellite (MIR-SAT1) was deployed from the International Space Station (ISS) on 22nd June 2021. This marked a significant milestone in the history of Mauritius, as Mauritius is now a space faring country. On the early morning of 19th April 2022, MIR-SAT1 re-entered into the Earth’s Atmosphere and has experienced orbital disintegration.


This first space mission has been successful since it has demonstrated that Mauritians have the ability to communicate, control and conduct tasks in space. The satellite has enabled Mauritians to acquire space technology and create awareness for the need for cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, spatial data can be used to advise policy makers and eventually be transformed into socio-economic benefits. 

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Mauritius Island under cloud & Reunion Island.png

Captured in September 2021

Mauritius Island under cloud & Reunion Island

Part of Batsirai Cyclone.png

Captured in March 2022

Part of Batsirai Cyclone

By: Dr V Bissonauth and Mr Z Soreefan

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