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World Intellectual Property Day 2022 IP and youth: Innovating for a Better Future


Whilst embracing the international theme of IP and Youth, the MRIC marked the World Intellectual Property Day 2022 by organizing a Webinar on the 26th of April 2022 to simultaneously showcase the achievements of youngsters and shed light on IP in Mauritius. 

Each speaker made a 20-minute presentation. 

1. Mrs S Sreedharan, Advocate and Patent Agent, Chief Executive Officer, SKS Law Associates, India made a presentation on “IPR Challenges & Opportunities of Start-ups and the MSME Sector – Some Learnings from the Indian Journey", and laid emphasis on the learnings from India in the domain of Intellectual Property.   

2. Mr N Mardaymootoo, Senior IP Officer, Industrial Property office of Mauritius made a presentation on “The Industrial Property Act 2019”. 

3. Dr Y Kapitsa, Managing Director, Centre for Intellectual Property, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine made a presentation entitled “Developing creativity and inventiveness of young people – selected countries experience”. 

4. Mr B Bhurosy, Director, Mo Sports Ltd made a presentation on an app entitled “Kotpuzwe” and the relevance of sports to IP. 

5. Mr A R Hosany, Director, Amalgam Watches Co. Ltd made a presentation on “Harmonizing IP in entrepreneurship: Case study of AMALGAM & CHIRON” 

It is to be noted that the last two speakers, namely Mr Bhurosy and Mr Hosany, are also beneficiaries of the Council’s Proof of Concept Scheme (PCS) and they provided useful insights on how they are addressing the Intellectual Property issues relating to their innovative work. 

The presentations of all speakers can be found below. 

By: Dr N Gopaul and Ms K Lakheearam 

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