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Welcome to our online newsletter.

The MRIC continues its journey to sustain research, development and innovation. The national and international activities highlighted in this second e-newsletter are a testimony of the efforts and motivation made on all fronts, including grass root initiatives popularized with the National Innovation Challenge exercise and also paving the way to define the new agenda for research and innovation through the organization of the “Assises de la Recherche et de l’Innovation” in both Mauritius and Rodrigues with the background of wide national and international consultations. The outcomes of the latter exercise are much awaited to delineate and implement priority research endeavours within the new innovation normal context. One other notable difference we are making is to frame the mindset of local enterprises to embrace open innovation as a key growth strategy. We believe strongly that this ecosystem should be enhanced. As such, we are striving to expand our National SME incubator program and to further support and encourage local enterprises to bridge their knowledge and experience gaps in technology commercialization and open innovation via successful collaborations.


Prof Theesan Bahorun, G.O.S.K.

Executive Director of MRIC

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