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International Collaborations

In the context of Les Assises de la Recherche et de L’Innovation 2022, a number of international collaborators graced the event with their presentations and participated in the different sectoral forum and panel discussion. 

  1. Prof. Soumitra Dutta, Professor of Management, Cornell University and Founding Editor, Global Innovation Index (USA)

  2. Prof. Charles Edquist, Member of the Swedish National Innovation Council and Chair in Innovation Research CIRCLE, Lund University (Sweden) 

  3. Dr Maya Cesari, Conseillère Régionale déléguée Comité Régionale d'Innovation de La Réunion (Réunion - France) 

  4. Ms. Maija Lönnqvist, Director of Unit, Skills, Innovation and Renewal, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (Finland) 

  5. Prof Lina Pelliccione, Pro Vice-Chancellor & President, Curtin (Mauritius) 

  6. Mr Shantanu Bhatawdekar, Scientific Secretary, The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) (India) 

  7. Dr Peggy Oti-Boateng, Director of Science, Policy and Capacity, UNESCO (Ghana) 

  8. Mr Leon Chanter, Business Development and Transactions, Australian Renewable Energy Agency (Australia) 

  9. Mr Eric Jeuffrault, Directeur Régional, Centre de coopération Internationale en Recherche Agronomique pour le Développement (CIRAD) (Réunion- France) 

  10. Dr Roshan Boojihawon, Assoc Prof in Strategy, Department of Strategy and International Business, University of Birmingham 


Source: Australian High Commission in Mauritius Facebook Account 

Visit of Dr Amitava Bandopadhyay, Director General of NAM S&T Centre


Source: India in Mauritius (High Commission of India, Port Louis) Facebook Account 

The MRIC was invited to participate in a panel discussion on India’s Leap into Space and how this Initiative could be of help to Mauritius. This discussion was organised by the Indian High Commission in Mauritius on the 29th April 2022. Mr Ziyaad Soreefan, PI of the MIR-SAT1 project, gave an overview of the knowledge built by the MRIC in Space and Satellite Technologies and the lessons learnt. He gave an overview the next objectives for the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council which is based on 4 pillars;

  1. Space as a pull factor for capacity building in STEM

  2. Implementing space-based solutions for advising policy

  3. Strengthening links with international key players in the space field

  4. Developing a business pillar in the country based on space-related activities.

This dialogue opens new collaboration opportunities for the Space Initiative in Mauritius.


Interesting meeting with the Director of Community Research at Coalitions Plus (France): Dr Daniela Rojas Castro, PILS (Prévention Information et Lutte contre le SIDA) 

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