Proof of Concept 


Under the Proof of Concept Scheme (PCS), assistance is provided to innovators in advancing their research outputs and ideas with a view to developing prototypes, establishing proof of concept and validating business cases.



A proof of concept bridges the gap between research and the earliest stage of a marketable innovation. It can be essentially a demonstration, the purpose of which is to verify that certain concepts or theories have the potential for realworld application.

The objective of the PCS is to provide support for the validation of innovative technologies that have promising commercialisation potential. This scheme will include support for:


  • prototype development to enable proof of concept;

  • obtaining a professional opinion on the scope of (Intellectual Property) IP protection;

  • assessing the potential for integration into a marketable product/process; and

  • initial start-up costs.


Programme Emphasis

Project proposals will be accepted in areas where opportunities exist to develop innovative technology-based ideas for either new or improved industry-oriented products, processes or services that will enhance socio-economic benefits. Proposals will have to be in line with the list of priority areas identified and communicated by the MRIC. Support being requested through the PCS should focus on outputs of the project that can provide an exploitable competitive advantage, making the technology more attractive for development towards commercialisation.


Who can Apply?

The following are eligible to apply for funding under the PCS:

  • Micro, Small, Medium and Large enterprises;

  • Start Up Companies ;

  • Secondary and Tertiary Education Institutions in collaboration with an enterprise;

  • Research institutions in collaboration with an enterprise;


Project Duration and Funding

Under this scheme, the maximum duration of a project is of 12 months for a funding not exceeding MUR 1 million. 

The applicant(s) will have to contribute at least 25% of the equivalent amount being requested from the MRIC ‘in-cash’ and ‘in-kind’.

The ‘in-cash’ contribution by the applicant should be at least 10% of the grant being requested from the MRIC.


Supervisory Committee

The Project Management Committee (PMC) is a committee operating under the MRIC. The PMC comprises representatives from relevant institutions and experts from appropriate fields and is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of the Council on proposals/projects submitted under this scheme.


Method of Selection and Evaluation Criteria 

Once a proposal is submitted under the Proof of Concept Scheme, the evaluation process will involve the following stages:

1. Administrative stages: MRIC will review each proposal to determine if it satisfies all the requirements described in this guideline. If the information provided is insufficient, a request for further information will be sent to the Project Leader

2. Merit Review: Independent external reviewers in the appropriate field will evaluate duly completed applications in a process of merit review. In all instances, proposals will be handled on a confidential basis and care taken to avoid conflicts of interest.  Evaluations will be confidential to MRIC and to the Project Leader. The Project Management Committee will consider the outcome of the evaluations and make recommendations to the Board for a final decision.


Project Monitoring

The MRIC will be responsible to monitor the proposed activities of the project on a milestone basis as specified in the application.  Any decision on major issues related to the project will be addressed by the PMC.


For monitoring purposes, project milestones set by the Project Leader will be finalized in consultation with the Council prior to the approval of the project and will be part of the contract. Each milestone will correspond to a period of time and will consist of a set of activities. 


Application dates

Under this scheme, applications can be submitted any time during the year. Awards will be made on the merits of the proposal and on a first come first served basis.

A soft copy version of the proposal should be submitted, together with one original hard copy version.

The soft copy version should be sent on

The hard copy version should be forwarded to the Executive Director in an envelope clearly labelled "Call for Proposals - Proof of Concept Scheme" on the top-right hand side.