Monitoring and Evaluation


The SA-Mauritius Joint Call innovation programme will be monitored and evaluated as follows:


Each protect team (comprising of start-ups/MSMEs/large enterprises and academic/ research institution) will report as per TIA and MRIC reporting mechanisms indicating the activities, milestones reached and any notable achievements of the project;


The following application achievements must be reported by the project team and evidence should be submitted to substantiate these:

  • the completion of the intended prototype or technology;

  • market reports;

  • copies of IP registration documents;

  • outcome reports of trials;

  • award letters where applicants have secured follow on funding or additional financial or non-financial support from the research and development institution or any other entity;

  • license agreements, contracts, and/or

  • purchase orders where outputs have been commercialized.

Quarterly reports shall be completed on the TIA/MRIC template provided;


TIA and MRIC will conduct an annual evaluation of the individual project team’s project performance and the overall performance of the funds allocated to the institution using a common evaluation criterion.