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 IT & Emerging Technologies

While the rest of the world is progressing at a phenomenal speed in the IT sector, it is primordial for the Republic of Mauritius to adapt and develop skills, knowledge, infrastructure, and regulations with regards to the emerging and enabling technologies to be able to survive and overcome the socioeconomic challenges in the post COVID-19 world. 

A sectoral working group constituted of key stakeholders from the IT and Emerging Technologies was set up: 

  1. Miss Maitha Babajee, Future Females Foundation 

  2. Prof Suryakiran Bhujun, Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology 

  3. Mr Virendra Kumar Bissoonauth, Mauritius Telecom 

  4. Miss Ashwini Brijmohun, Future Females Invest 

  5. Mrs Zakiya Buhora, Federation of Innovative & Numeric Activities  

  6. Mrs Ashvina Fowdur-Parboteeah, Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education, Science and Technology 

  7. Mr Kaviraj Goodoory, Mauritius Institute of Education 

  8. Mr Mahendra Gungaram, State Informatics Ltd 

  9. Ms Sandhya Gunness, Centre for Innovative and Lifelong Learning - University of Mauritius 

  10. Mr Akshaye Jeewoolall, Ministry of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives (SMEs Division) 

  11. Mr Rajnish Hawabhay, Ministry of Information Technology, Communication and Innovation 

  12. Mr Marc Israel, Aetheis Ltd 

  13. Mr Awaad Kaidoo, Ceridian Mauritius 

  14. Mr Vikas Khanna, Emtel Ltd 

  15. Dr Kavi Kumar Khedo, University of Mauritius 

  16. Mr Clement Le Moigne, GWS Technologies 

  17. Mr Wilson Li, KIP Center for Leadership 

  18. Mr Michael Li Wai Man, Design Lounge Ltd 

  19. Mr Avinash Meetoo, UNDP Mauritius and Seychelles 

  20. Mrs Rosida Beebee Nohur, Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning & Development 

  21. Mr Roshan Ramoly, LinearArc Solutions Ltd 

  22. Mrs Pratima Sewpal, Economic Development Board 

  23. Mr Reza Soodin, National Computer Board 

  24. Mr Daden Venkatasawmy, Business Mauritius  

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During the sectoral forum on 28th April 2022, the panel discussion was moderated by Mr Tan Chee Peng from Team SYNthesis and the panelists included:  

  1. Dr Sheeba Armoogum, University of Mauritius 

  2. Mr Deelam Baichu, Zapproach Ltd 

  3. Ms Jenny Chan, Astek Mauritius Ltd 

  4. Miss Nishtee Gopee, Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd 

  5. Mr Vikas Khanna, Emtel Ltd 

  6. Mr Avinash Meetoo, UNDP Mauritius and Seychelles 

  7. Mr Roshan Ramoly, LinearArc Solutions Ltd 

  8. Mr Avinash Soobu, Mauritius Telecom 





Further to discussions, three main strategic orientations were recommended to gear Mauritius on the right path to adopt and adapt IT and emerging technologies in all aspects for socio-economic development, namely: 

  • Creating Awareness & fostering Empowerment in the ICT sector. 

  • Instigating and sustaining the Maker Culture in the country. 

  • Engaging into Collaborative Innovation involving key public and private sector stakeholders, academia, and the society to enhance R&D and Innovation in IT and Emerging technologies. 


By: Dr V Bissonauth, Ms Y Khuttur, Mr Z Soreefan,

Mr R Ramma, Mr R Beekarry, Ms R Joggessur 

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