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Health and Wellness Innovation

A multi-stakeholders committee was set up. The scope of the exercise encompassed the medical sector, the life sciences/pharmaceutical sector, the Healthy Lifestyle sector including Sports and Nutrition and the Health care sector including a core group of high-value activities such as hi-tech medicine, medical tourism, medical education and silver economy sectors. 10 potential fields of social and commercial importance were identified: Clinical Research, Manufacture of medical devices, Nutraceutical industry, High value activities including hi-medicine and telemedicine, Wellness tourism/Silver economy, Medical education, Developing a sports innovation ecosystem, Ayurvedic and other traditional medicines, Addressing NCDs and infectious diseases, Life sciences including pharmaceuticals and vaccine development.


Members of the committee included:

  1. Dr Michel Abiteboul, Cap Research Ltd

  2. Ms Kalyanee Auroomoogum, T1 DIAMS

  3. Mr. Sahajee Bappoo, Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation

  4. Dr Fabien Boullé, Axonova Pharma Ltd.

  5. Associate Professor Dr. Ganessen Chinien, University of Mauritius

  6. Dr Shameem Fawdar, Axonova Pharma Ltd.

  7. Associate Professor Mrs Dayawatee Goburdhun, University of Mauritius

  8. Dr Purnima Gunness, Nutritional and Food Scientist, Mauritian Diaspora

  9. Dr Bavisha Jowaheer, T1 DIAMS

  10. Mrs Nirmala Jeetah, Bio Industry and Project Development, Economic Development Board

  11. Mr Yannick Lincoln, National High-Performance Centre, Mauritius Multisports Infrastructure Ltd

  12. Professor Archana Luximon, Clinical Research Regulatory Council  

  13. Dr Madhvee Madhou, Mauritius Research and Innovation Council  

  14. Ms Anshinee Devi Ramana, Ministry of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperatives

  15. Dr Prithviraj Ramputty, Health Services, Ministry of Health and Wellness  

  16. Mr Narendredeo Reesaul, Polytechnics Mauritius Ltd

  17. Me Dinay Reetoo, Ethics Committee

  18. Dr. Régine Rouzier, Cap Research Ltd  

  19. Dr Ish Sharma, University of Mauritius  

  20. Dr (Mrs) Mungala Davi Soyjaudah, National AIDS Secretariat, Ministry of Health and Wellness  

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The panel organized at Les Assises on 28th April 2022 was moderated by Dr. Bhooshun Ori, Ministry of Health and Wellness (Chair) and was composed of:

  • Dr Michel Abiteboul, MAbSTRAT Consulting

  • Mr Yannick Lincoln, High Performance Centre, Mauritius Multisports Infrastructure Ltd

  • Dr Siddick Maudarbocus, Les Mariannes Wellness Sanctuary

  • Dr Prithviraj Ramputty, Ministry of Health and Wellness

  • Dr Regine Rouzier, CAP Research

  • Mr Olivier Schmitt, Life Together, IBL Group


​​The discussions culminated into 4 strategic orientations:

  • Promoting innovative technology/practices

  • Harnessing the potential contribution of new fields of health and wellness for economic growth

  • Innovating for a healthier population

  • Innovative Governance Mechanism to improve delivery of institutions


Some recommendations that have emanated from the committee and panel discussion include:

  • Ayurvedic Medicine, Nutraceutical/Pharmaceutical sector, Nutrition/Sports as potential fields which could contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

  • Setting up of a Mauritian Pharmacopoeia and strengthening of existing regulatory/legal frameworks relevant to the sector.

  • Regulatory framework to allow implementation of the Nagoya Protocol should be set up to allow commercialization of research

  • Empowerment of the Ethics Committee, which would allow clinical research to attract higher investment.

  • Digital technologies to be adopted

  • Research and Development programs be complemented by data collection for evidence-based policies to address issues such as NCDs, infectious diseases and other prevailing human health challenges;

  • Science communication including training amongst stakeholders and to the community.


By: Dr M Madhou, Mrs D Naginlal Modi-Nagowah,

Mrs S Patten-Ramen, Ms N Khodabux

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