Steering Committee


The purpose of the JTIP Steering Committee is to guide, advise and review the performance of the JTIP to ensure that the programme is on course to meet the intent and deliverables as outlined in the TIA / MRIC MoU.


In line with Article V of the MoU, theme specific projects or initiatives may require the entering of additional written Project Collaboration Agreements (PCAs). It is, therefore, recommended that the JTIP Steering Committee consider the establishment of Project Implementation Committees, comprising technical project managers from TIA and MRIC, to support the implementation of specific PCAs as required.


In terms of the envisaged role and responsibilities, the JTIP Steering Committee shall:


Ensure that each party, (i.e. TIA and MRIC), has designated a representative for the execution of the JTIP.

Review and approve the JTIP, related work-plans and those of any additional PCAs that may be concluded.

Approve recommendations made by the relevant Programme Implementation Committee(s) to vary the scope of, and/or make further investment into the JTIP and / or related PCA programme.

Make key decisions related to the JTIP and related PCAs as appropriate and in line with the governance requirements and delegations of authority of TIA and the MRIC.

Provide guidance to the Programme Implementation Team(s) that may be established.

Facilitate the resolving of issues, such as disputes and challenges, and take corrective action where appropriate and in line with Article X of the MoU.