Research and Innovation Bridges

The Research and Innovation Bridges (RIB) Scheme aims to improve the competitiveness of Mauritius through bilateral and multilateral collaborative research and innovation partnerships between Researchers and Industry of Mauritius and other countries.























1.0  Objective

The ‘Research and Innovation Bridges’ expands the Research/Industry Partnership to establish sustainable joint venture opportunities for the Mauritian companies through bilateral and multilateral cooperation. The Research and Innovation Bridge aims to combine the strength of all participating entities by coupling entrepreneurial skills to high technology research efforts.

The ultimate objective of the project will be to develop innovative products, processes, and/or techniques for commercial competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises.


2.0  Programme


Project proposals will be accepted in the areas of industry-oriented research that will enhance socioeconomic benefits. Proposals will have to be in line with the list of priority areas identified and communicated by the RDWG. Proposals must contain innovative concepts with a view to sharpening the competitive edge in line with the agreed principles of sustainable development.

This scheme emphasizes on Commercial Application of innovative concept(s)/project(s) emanating within the proposed bilateral/multilateral framework. This scheme will not support basic research.

The objective is to pursue the commercial application of any new/ improved products, processes, and/or techniques developed to stimulate innovation and business growth.

A consortium, through the Mauritian Company, may submit a proposal for concept refinement leading to Commercial Application.


3.0  Priority areas

Our current priority areas are:

  • Renewable Energy

  • Ocean Technology, Ocean Resources and Ocean Services​

  • ICT/BPO/Telecommunications​

  • ​Life Sciences (Health, Medical and Pharmaceutical)

  • ​Manufacturing


4.0  Partnership


Under this scheme, a Mauritian Company (Small, Medium, Large) wishing to undertake a project must partner with any of the below:
(i) A Company (Small, Medium, Large) from any of the partner countries
(ii) A public/private Research/Academic Organisation from any of the partner countries

Besides the above, any public/ private organizations either local or overseas could also form part of the consortium.

Only companies headquartered, owned and registered in the Republic of Mauritius, including small, medium and large companies are eligible to submit proposals under this scheme. The applicant should outline how the collaboration will increase the likely impacts of the research and innovation.

The consortium could be represented by Co-Project Leaders, one from each country.


6.0  Funding

Under this scheme, an approved project may be awarded a matching grant of up to MUR 10M for a project duration not exceeding 24 months.

The MRIC will fund 50% of the total project cost and the Consortium will have to contribute to the other 50% of the project cost, in cash and/or in kind. A minimum financial (Cash) contribution of 40% of the matching grant awarded by the MRIC should be made by the consortium.

The remaining of the matching grant should be reflected in the "In kind" contribution.

Upon an award, applicant will be expected to open a new back account and the disbursement will be made on milestone basis.